Welcome at DKP psychologists Amsterdam

Welcome at the site of DKP psychologists Amsterdam.

If you feel the need for psychological guidance because you feel ill at ease or possibly down or depressed or fearful, then DKP psychologists Amsterdam is the right place for you.

You can come to DKP psychologists Amsterdam with psychological complaints related to both the private and work situation. Fear and depression may be related to private issues, burnout and stress are typical examples of more work-related problems. Often a combination of both reinforces the situation. In case of absenteeism from work, reintegration is part of the treatment.

With respect to your career, we spend time as needed in order to rediscover your essentials: your qualities and talents, confidence and self-confidence, life and work goals, your passion and commitment, in order to make the right choices for both present and future.

The team of DKP psychologists Amsterdam consists of an accessible and hospitable collective of (gz) psychologists, Work & Organisation and Work & Health psychologists and career counselling psychologists.

You are very welcome at DKP psychologists Amsterdam!


W.G. Plein 100/873 unit125, 054 SC Amsterdam
phone +31 20 – 671 15 58